With the whole world "on hold", now is a good opportunity to prepare for what lies after the quarantine. Instead of diving into Netflix or social media, turn your attention to growth. At the end, those who will use this time to
self-development, will come out
of the quarantine the most powerful.

Check out these tips and tricks provided by Business Academy students.

Download tips and tricks for daily life while school is remotely
"Tools provided in this document helped me to wake up much earlier and get more things done."
Edmunds Zālītis
Business Academy student
''Implementing habits provided in this document I significantly boosted my productivity and self-feeling.''
Daiels Rogulis photo
Daniels Rogulis
Business Academy student
"Since I started using these tips in my daily life my productivity has gone up five times and more!"
Martins Ermanis photo
Martins Ermanis
Business Academy student