Business Academy team

The Business Academy team is made out of the business and business support environment representatives, as well as experienced academic staff, to keep curriculum content up-to-date, as close as possible to the real business environment and at the same time the course content and format would be academically correct and educational.

Salvis Roga

Salvis Roga

Programme director / mentor

More than 10 years of experience in practical entrepreneurship and business support sector: founder and board member of “Kurzeme Business Incubator”, “Green and Smart Technology Cluster”, and board member of “Ventspils High Technology Park”. Hobbies: Team sports, especially football. Motto: “Doing the right things.”

Guntis Coders Magnetic square

Guntis Coders

Deputy Program Director/ Mentor

IT, product development, marketing, startup enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and startups. In 2018, advised 60+ young entrepreneurs on starting and developing a business. Forbes Latvia “30 under 30” winner, as well as gained experience in ‘ABC Accelerator’ Business Accelerator Program in Slovenia and Junction Hackathon in Finland. Guntis is the father of 3 children. Hobbies: go-karting, technologies, video games, personal growth, education, and sports.

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Liene Resele

Mentor / lecturer

Doctorate in Management Science. Over 15 years experience in project management and research at national and international level. Managed and implemented more than 25 projects and studies in various fields.Hobbies: literature, motorcycling. Motto: “Look further, aim higher, give more than you receive” and “There is no loss – just victory or an oppertunity to learn”

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Dace Štefenberga


22 years of experience in academics and science. 15 years experience conducting lectures and classroom activities, project development, implementation and management in research and infrastructure projects. Dr. Ph.D. in Business Administration. She loves working with students, where she always gets positive energy and new insights. “Gather moments, not things!” This greatly motivates hobbies such as music, hiking, wakeboarding, rock climbing, and gymnastics.

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Guest lecturers / mentors

All guest lecturers and mentors are practitioners, who work in a day-to-day business environment and have a job related to the subject being taught.

Mimmu Business Academy

Mikael Hirvi

Team couching


Inga Gleizdāne Business Academy

Inga Gleizdane

Talent / HR management


Edgars Niklass Business Academy

Edgars Niklass

Organisation management


Kristaps Banga Business Academy

Kristaps Banga

Innovation management


Aivars Lipenitis Business Academy

Aivars Lipenitis

Marketing / PR


Laura Codere Business Academy

Laura Codere

Project management


Artis Kehris Printify

Artis Kehris

Start-up / Leadership


Uldis Leiterts Business Academy

Uldis Leiterts

Product development


Davis Suneps Business Academy

Davis Suneps

Start-up / MVP


Zane Niedre Business Academy

Zane Niedre


Janina Biteniece Business Academy

Janina Biteniece

Communications / PR


Daiga Laterere Business Academy

Daiga Laterere



Andrejs Birzgals Business Academy

Andrejs Birzgals

VR / AR technologies


Nikita Kazakevics Business Academy

Nikita Kazakevics

Business intelligence


Andris Merkulovs Business Academy

Andris Merkulovs

Blockchain / ICO


Agnis Stibe Business Academy

Agnis Stibe

Business transformation


Business Academy study process regularly invites mentors and people who can share their experience, and are ready to lead a hands-on masterclass with real-world solutions to their company’s current problems. This is a great opportunity to showcase yourself as an expert, educate and inspire young and ambitious people, and possibly get a good solution to an existing problem with student engagement.

Individuals and companies are welcome to apply!

Comments from experts

"I would have liked to participate in such an undergraduate program if I had the opportunity 6 years ago"
Andris Merkulovs
Founder and CEO

“We don't know how our business day will be in 5 or 10 years. However, we can model our knowledge, skills, and personality to see the opportunities in the fast-paced world of change and realize them in a team at an impressive rate.”

Inga Gleizdāne Business Academy
Inga Gleizdane
Talent/ HR management consultant and lecturer

"The future business elite needs forward-thinking knowledge and state-of-the-art training. Just like in business, as well in the Business Academy studies, everything is in their own hands."

Aivars Lipenitis
Head of Development


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