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Business Academy is accredited, a bachelor’s study program at Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, where lectures are held in English. Graduating from “Start-up Management” earns a professional bachelor’s degree in business management with qualifications as a company manager.

The initiative is about practical entrepreneurship and competency-based education, whose primary goals are to maximize the engagement of students in problem-solving and development of future competencies, to stimulate the interest in gaining knowledge, deepen their understanding, and to help students adapt to the changing environment and the requirements of the future.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn!"

Benjamin Franklin

Business Academy​

Business Academy was created when our program director Guntis Coders met an academic in the business world and realized that HOW it is taught now and HOW students are learning is no longer up to date and is not working, so something needs to be done. Business and technology are changing so rapidly that in the future (and now) Theoretical knowledge and facts may no longer be relevant the next day and what a person thinks rather than what he or she knows becomes more and more important.


The new Bachelor of Startup Management program is part of the initiative and is designed to be engaging to students and based on practical experience – learn by doing, as well as refine the student’s way of thinking and develop the necessary competencies to help you adapt to future requirements and the changing environment. We believe that learning by doing and developing creative competencies is the best way to keep students interested, and motivated and add value to education.


With this in mind, the study format is built around the following principles:

Practical entrepreneurship

Your own company in the 1st year

Build a Team and Start Your Own Company to Practice the Processes of Creating and Developing a Company, Products, Services, and Team! Divide team responsibilities, develop strategy, and manage administrative issues related to business development. Better to do 1x than to hear 5x.

Gain practical experience

More than 80% of classes are in a practical format, applying the knowledge they have learned to solve real-world business problems. Practical assignments will be based on the real needs of the companies that will be attending the classes, as well as the opportunity to apply the knowledge in developing student company.

Earn money while studying

Already in Year 1, students start to outsource and develop their products to make money. The study process will also devote time to generating passive income. It is an opportunity to earn a monthly income and keep your focus on studying while working out of school.

Team roles

Students will be co-located with office space, where all teams will be able to stay, learn and share experiences, work on their own businesses, and solve problematic learning situations. Get experience setting up an office, and building and maintaining a team spirit.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart - means not educating at all!"


Self-development and competencies

Emotional intelligence

As the quote states, "An educated mind with an uneducated heart is worthless." We believe that intelligence is formed by educating the two in parallel, so there is also a strong emphasis in the study process on developing emotional intelligence. Respect, understanding, quality discussion, empathy, communication skills, company culture, and the well-being of our customers and employees are competencies we will develop.

Peer to Peer education

Students acquire knowledge independently, teach each other, learn together, have a constructive discussion on the theory learned, and attempt to put knowledge into practice. Unique concept borrowed from «Team Academy » in Finland. Develop self-motivation, teamwork, self-discipline, and other skills that will greatly help you in your business.

Team entrepreneur Teampreneurs

"If you want to go fast then go alone. If you want to go far then go along." An important emphasis in the study process is on teamwork and the ability to cooperate. Teampreneuer is a term taken from «Team Academy » and is an integral part of the study process. Challenges will be continually given daily in teams to develop the ability to collaborate effectively.

Personal growth plan

Each student will be created a Personal Growth Plan (PGP) that identifies his or her strengths and developing competencies and works with the mentor to develop these competencies to strengthen his or her chosen line of competencies. Can't speak in public? Let's set it as a goal and develop it!

Tehnoloģiju uzņēmējdarbība

"Experience is the only source of knowledge."

Albert Einstein


Experience exchange programs

Visiting business accelerators, business incubators, coworking rooms, etc. will be provided. business-related places, get to know their members, and creators, get in touch with them, take over their experiences, and be inspired.

Conferences and organizing them

Opportunity to attend and participate in innovative and useful conferences to raise awareness of the industry, network with knowledgeable people, and gain experience in organizing events.

Hackathons and organizing them

Opportunity to visit and participate in useful and interesting hackathons to raise awareness of the industry, build contacts, gain experience in organizing events, and create new products and services. « Junction » we're coming!

Team building

Organize team-building events for your team and other classmates to have a good time, get to know each other, and develop experience in organizing the event and building a company culture.

A Unique Lesson Component!

Each student is offered Coursera.org online courses platform free of charge with unlimited access. It will offer the opportunity to choose and further study course topics in an interactive way from various global organizations. Upon completion of the course and passing the tests, the student will receive a digital certificate issued by Coursera, which can also be added to their LinkedIn profile.

Our values - what we believe in

Creativity and daring

Growth mindset and ambitions

Respect and collaboration

Support and responsibility



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