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Study Technology Entrepreneurship!

“Startup Management” is unique, project-based Professional bachelor degree in technology entrepreneurship for developing future competencies & skills in tech, emotional intelligence and innovations.

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Learn & Earn in study process

In Year 1, join "Basaful" Student's Digital Agency, offer outsourcing services, gain experience and generate income. Opportunity to practice curriculum, get to know entrepreneurship, gain experience, discover your talents and earn 1000+ EUR per month already during your studies.


Learn everything by doing

90% of the classes are in the form of hands-on teamwork workshops & projects, applying the knowledge gained to solve real company's problems and developing student's own businesses. Graduate with 3+ years of experience in business development!

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Learn some coding basics

Students have the opportunity to learn the very basics of coding: Python, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, CSS. Better able to navigate the technology and its opportunities, as well as to better understand and communicate the technological solution development with technical people.

Uzņēmējdarbības akadēmija - emocionālā inteliģence 2.0

Emotional intelligence 2.0

Become emotionally intelligent entrepreneurial mindset person! Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand other people's behavior and control your emotions. Develop self-awareness, self-confidence, self-motivation, leadership and communication skills.

*Interested in more technical studies and programming? Check out the “Computer Science” program from “Faculty of Information Technologies”!

Become a leader
in today's dynamic Tech environment!

Innovations, technology, self-development and emotional intelligence are our priorities.

Technology entrepreneurship program is designed to meet the demands of today’s technology environment and allows the student to adapt to the demands of the future!

About the Startup Management program

Professional bachelor study programme:

StartUp Management (Technology entrepreneurship)

Study length / form

4 years / Full-time

Study and conversational language


Students enrolling

25 students in 2021./2022.

Lecture plan

Modular - no more than 2-3 courses at a time

Start of studies 2021/2022

1st of September, 2021

Studies are coordinated by

Ventspils University of Applied Sciences

Obtainable degree and professional qualification

Professional Bachelor Degree in Business Management and
5th Professional Qualification Level

Program feedback

«We highly regard the development of a personal growth plan for each student in the program...»


«Innovative business solutions and the full integration of educated young people into the labour market as soon as possible would be beneficial not only for Ventspils but for the Latvian economy as a whole.»

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The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Jaunuzņēmumu vadība komanda


Technology entrepreneurship program’s core team consists of IT entrepreneurs, startupers, academic staff, tech companies and dedicated professionals from the business world.

All guest lecturers are practitioners – people who are in the business on a daily basis and who are able to share real-world experiences.

Learning process

Studied literature

Students acquire knowledge independently through recommended literature, online courses and other materials.


Students debate their newly acquired knowledge between themselves and the lector.


Students solve business problems as well as apply their knowledge to develop their own businesses.

Salvador Dali

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”